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Apparently I was nominated for D/R awards? I am still *headscratching* over that in and of itself, and I've always been a little o.O? on fanawards, but. I appreciate it all the same and want to give big big hugs to whoever did that! ...and then I'mma slap you. ...with love. *shifty eyes*

So, requisite attention!catching banner:

...that I may or may not have stared at for a LITTLE too long because NGH. RIVER. YOUR FACE. HOW DO YOU PERFECT.


In other news, still not dead! Working on holiday cards, so knowing me you'll get them by Februrary. If you haven't filled out the addressness yet, GO HERE! so I may send you some lurve.


Also I need to stop watching this video:

It's getting embarrassing, really. KATY PERRY, SELF? REALLY? FOR SHAME.

But on the plus side, my brilliant friend K FOUND THE LOVESTORY VID OMG. I thought it was gone from youtube forever!! BUT SHE HATH FOUND IT AND GUESS WHAT? IT IS STILL GLORIOUS. If you watch/ed SGA, you HAVE to see this. It cracks me up every damn time, omg. ([livejournal.com profile] tenacious_err can attest to that.)

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31 Days of SGA Meme

→ Day One: Favorite Character (+)
→ Day Two: Favorite Episode (+)

image and text )


- Also,

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Because what this journal lacks is obviously more SGA spam...

31 Days of SGA Meme

→ Day One: Favorite Character (+)

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- Europeans! Torri Higginson will be at SFBall in the UK! You lucky whores. :P http://www.sfbevents.com/sfball/

- Also, if you're on twitter and a Torri fan, check out higginsoninfo. We pimp it. Oh yeah.
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[livejournal.com profile] limonatafic: [re fic] I clicked over only from the Bones tag, so I spent the majority of this being majorly confused.
[livejournal.com profile] hihoplastic: Which is WHY you need to watch Stargate Atlantis and become hooked on the awesomest ship EVER that is John/Elizabeth. Seriously. They have epic gorgeous romance! And honor defending! And alien-induced kissing! and flirting! and red shirts! and unnecessary carrying! and gift-giving! and and and! Pretty pretty pleaseeeeeee? :D
[livejournal.com profile] limonatafic: TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS ALIEN-INDUCED KISSING. O.o
[livejournal.com profile] hihoplastic YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ASKED :D

SGA: The Long Goodbye, caps links and netspeak )

AND OH. HOW CONVENIENT. IT'S ON YOUTUBE. :D part one | part two | part three | part four

Shit. I really need to go read about just war now. Damn you, [livejournal.com profile] limonatafic! :P
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- Had the best time last night watching SGA with [livejournal.com profile] snapplesons! We got a chance to catch up and talk before diving into The Rising I & II, and it was fabulous! (Both the talking and the watchage!) I totally forgot how funny/lame/awesome that episode is. All the fabulous dorky lines! "John Sheppard does it naturally." / "How come I never make friends like that?" "You need to get out more." "We're in another galaxy; how much more 'out' can you get?" "Does this have lemon in it?" / "This isn't a long flight, so I'll be as succinct as possible." [silence] "That was pretty succinct." "Thank you." / "We come from a galaxy far, far away." / "Now I'm thinking about a nice turkey sandwich." [nothing] "Worth a try." AND THE BALCONY SCENE. "You do realize that could get us into all sorts of trouble, right?" ♥

And, because [livejournal.com profile] snappleons is AWESOME, she immediately noticed the eyesexings (from episode one! just like Mulder and Scully*) and how adorable Lizabeth is whenever anyone mentions the Ancients. AND, even better, instantly made the comparison of Wraith --> Humans as Humans --> Animals. Ollie, I do not think it is humanly possible for me to adore you any more than I already do. ILY. ♥

*Oh, I forgot to tell you! I watched Fight the Future a few weeks ago with my friend who was visiting. And she did not understand the epicness of the "Mulder!" "Scuuuullaaay!!" cornfield scene. And it was very sad. And I wish you would have been there to help me explain how fabulously hilarious and awesome it is.

- I need to go shower soon, 'cause M and I are going shopping (this should be interesting) but. First a Torri!spam for [livejournal.com profile] snapplesons! None of these videos (or fics) have spoilers in them. As we progress, I'll keep spamming you with more stuff. (If you don't want to be spoiled about the series, I'd stay away from youtube, because a lot of fanvids and interviews and stuff give things away.)

→ adorable 10 minute film. includes toilet brushes.

more. lots more. i may have gone overboard. can you blame me? *g* )

BONUS: The Flan and His Hair

And here are some fics, if you're interested! I will try to keep updating (if you want) as we keep watching. SGA people, if you know of any other fics that are non-spoilerly, please link! :D

John/Elizabeth Fics
You will not be spoiled by these fics if you have seen:

Season One:
1.1/2 The Rising (I & II)
untitled fic by [livejournal.com profile] peanutbutterer | John and Elizabeth have movie night - cute banter and pg-sexings
ancient techniques by [livejournal.com profile] peanutbutterer | Elizabeth teaches John Ancient - cute banter, pg-sexings, adorableness abounding
Many Times, Many Ways ...er. by me. *facepalm* | John/Elizabeth Christmas fluff, set on Earth.
Music Appreciation ...also by me. | in which I shamelessly self-insert my taste in music into fic, hee.
fall to pieces by [livejournal.com profile] anr | au, angsty, reasonably happy ending, pg-sexings

- Okay, really going now. Frell.

- Note to self: organize your freaking tags. Good grief.

14 Shallow Reasons to Love John Sheppard :D

OH. And if any vid people want to make a John/Elizabeth vid to this song, that would be awesome. Mildly cliche, yes. But also awesome.
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Okay! So, my BFFs at Uni have expressed interest (after much prodding, whining, berating, flailing, etc. on my part) in watching sci-fi with me. My problem is, I don't know which show to start them on! They are basically n00bs. They know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars, thankgod, but beyond that they're very much, little green men? / dude, they're grey. / Huh? They also aren't fannish people. No fandom, no weird obsessions to speak of, definitely not the type of get really, really into television. ...unless, of course, their lives have just been bleak and empty without sci-fi and they are about to discover how epic it is. We shall see.

So! I need help deciding which show to start them on.

SGA is my personal favorite, and the one I'm most invested in, and therefore if they don't like it, my soul will be crushed. But it's also the least intense - not a lot of cliffhangers, not a lot of continuity, or deep metaphors, or intense story arcs. It's just fun and campy and witty and awesome, and it has John/Lizzeh. Also, I have all the DVDs with me. So no obnoxious streaming.

BSG is probably a better show, it has more depth and arcs and character development, and also has epic romance. But even though it's probably "better" in terms of writing and cinematography, etc., it might be too intense, you know? But on the other hand, I'm not as invested in BSG, so if they don't like it, I will be sad, but I won't have to pick up the pieces of my Elizabeth-loving soul.

And Farscape is probably The Best in terms of, well, everything. And it also has really hot people. But it also has muppets, and is more "out there" than the other two, and might be too much for their newbie sci-fi hearts to handle.

Dilemma. I has it.

ALSO. and I were talking, and she humored me and agreed that having an Elizabeth Fic Fest is a good idea. It would be after the secret santas, probably around January or something, and would be the same format as [livejournal.com profile] cuddy_fest, where anyone can submit prompts for Elizabeth-themed fic (gen is preferable, as are rare pairings, but John/Lizzie is of course acceptable), and after the prompts are collected, they are posted and people can comment and choose what they want to write. It's not an exchange, more of a free for all. So. Please vote?

[Poll #1477886]
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In Which Epic John/Elizabeth Post is Epic and Catherine Uses Too Many Exclamation Points

(brought to you by an SGA rewatch, [livejournal.com profile] anuna_81 being awesome, too much downtime, John and Lizzie's inherent epicness, and the fact that there are too many people sitting in my kitchen and therefore I can't make dinner)

HERE! Please join in the fun!

This Post Includes:

→ Flaily interpretations of J/E moments
→ Fics and Art by the amazing J/E fans on my flist
→ Picspams so cute you might die
→ YouTube clips of J/E not even bothering to pretend they aren't hopelessly in love with each other
→ Pimpage: everyone go join [livejournal.com profile] sparky_santa! A JE themed fic-exchange of awesome. You know you want to. *glares pointedly at [livejournal.com profile] antiqueskies, just because.* [livejournal.com profile] sparky_santa [livejournal.com profile] sparky_santa [livejournal.com profile] sparky_santa because if I type it multiple times you will be more inclined to join [livejournal.com profile] sparky_santa [livejournal.com profile] sparky_santa [livejournal.com profile] sparky_santa
→ The "Leave A Comment" button! Where you should leave comments filled with John/Lizzie goodness. Fics, arts, youtube videos, your own embarrassing rambles, comment fics, etc!
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If you see this post and you're a fan of Sheppard/Weir, take a moment to post a link up to one of your favorite S/W fics. Pass it on.

If a fic you authored gets recced by someone else, feel the PRESSURE to post up two!

Afterimage by [livejournal.com profile] mylittleredgirl
Brilliant post-The Real World look at John and Elizabeth.

untitled fic by [livejournal.com profile] peanutbutterer
S1 banter and cute! I hearts it so.

Time Passes by [livejournal.com profile] antiqueskies
House/SGA crossover! John/Lizzeh! Cuddy! WIN

and there's more here. I really need to update this likewhoa.

My Leonard Cohen has finished DL'ing. Must get away from the heat now. No internet in dorms = LAME.
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Longer entry potentially forthcoming. For now:

→ Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] cryptictac! I hope you had/have (time difference suck) an amazing day full of all the love and kindness you deserve! (And stuff, too!) ♥

→ And welcome to [livejournal.com profile] rillarilla! Feel free to ignore my crazy. Or join in! Either way. Or Ey-ther way. ;)

→ Fic: Maybe The Poets Were Right All Along : Stargate: Atlantis | Mike/Elizabeth, John/Elizabeth | Spoilers for The Real World 3x06 through Lifeline 4x02 as well as This Mortal Coil 4x10.

I was really unsatisfied with the way they handled the "let's randomly give Elizabeth a five-minute love interest in the form of some dude we've never seen before and then never mention him again" - plot point. Seriously, writers? Yet another dropped ball in SGA. Show of hands who's surprised? *sigh* Anyway. It annoyed me. So I fixed it. ...sorta.

Oh, excuse me - nine minute love interest. My bad.

(Rant on Stargate and their misogyny at a later date. *headdesk*)

→ Finished Battlestar: Galactica. DAMN YOU, SHOW. Damn you for being GOOD and HEARTBREAKING and OVER. [More on this later - now time for bed. or SGA watchage. Same thing.]

→ I have this quote stuck in my head: "You guys are like Butch and Sundance peering over the edge of a cliff to the boulder-filled rapids 300 feet below, thinking you better not jump 'cause there's a chance you might drown. The President has this disease and has been lying about it, and you guys are worried that the polling might make us look bad? It's the fall that's gonna kill ya."

Any psycho-analysis as to why?

To the sea, Sherman!

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