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What work? What are you talking about? John and Lizzeh! DUH.

Constant Satellite - A John and Lizzeh are so totally adorable I don't understand how you can stand it, fanmix. @ [livejournal.com profile] sail_your_sea! Contains artists such as: Laura Marling, Stars, Tegan & Sara, Billy Bragg & Wilco, Billie Holiday... it's eclectic. And happy! ....mostly. Because John and Lizzeh are mostly happy. Especially when they're having off-screen sexytimes, which they so totally are.

- Uploaded for [livejournal.com profile] just_schtupp : Schuyler Fisk and Mary Chapin Carpenter randomness here.

- Uhh... so much for flisting. FML. I'll get to it! I can flist on Tuesday in PSL... since we don't learn anything anyway. Horray! Oy.

- I feel like I had other randomness to spam you with... Charlie had a little freakout last night and I had to shut him down, thus losing all my tabs... hrm. *thinks*

- Maybe I'll update this post randomly throughout the day with details of my boring existence / papers I should be working on.

- Grocery shopping! That's what I need to do at some point. And go to the gym. Blarg.

- Essay! Go! Now! But John! Lizzeh!

- I want Cuddy/Lizzeh fic. *looks very, very pointedly at [livejournal.com profile] antiqueskies* (I haven't annoyed you in DAYS about that! I figured you were due. ^^)
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SGA videos on youtube. Mostly for me, (and [livejournal.com profile] antiqueskies, provided you haven't seen all these, hee), but anyone can view the pretty! OMG SO MUCH PRETTY.

What midterm?

TV Guide Tour of the SGA Set - Joe! Winnebagos! The Great Weight David Hewlett! :D

"Blooper Reel"? - Not really, just a weird song over back-stage clips of the cast members being awesome. Linked primarily for Pretteh!Torri and Joe sticking his face in the camera *g*

Joe Impersonates a Wraith - B movie style

Fan Con 1 - Joe's hair!!
Fan Con 2 - turkey sandwich!

David does cast impressions - :D

Rachel singing! - so's so good! and pretty!

okay. srsly. going to study. will update moar later.

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