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[updating whorrrreeeeeee]

This is brief!

If you know (or even if you don't!) [livejournal.com profile] torrealis, please go leave her birthday wishes at this post here! 'Cause she is super hot and awesome and deserves some birthday lovin'. Truestory.

Thanks lovelies!
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Longer entry potentially forthcoming. For now:

→ Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] cryptictac! I hope you had/have (time difference suck) an amazing day full of all the love and kindness you deserve! (And stuff, too!) ♥

→ And welcome to [livejournal.com profile] rillarilla! Feel free to ignore my crazy. Or join in! Either way. Or Ey-ther way. ;)

→ Fic: Maybe The Poets Were Right All Along : Stargate: Atlantis | Mike/Elizabeth, John/Elizabeth | Spoilers for The Real World 3x06 through Lifeline 4x02 as well as This Mortal Coil 4x10.

I was really unsatisfied with the way they handled the "let's randomly give Elizabeth a five-minute love interest in the form of some dude we've never seen before and then never mention him again" - plot point. Seriously, writers? Yet another dropped ball in SGA. Show of hands who's surprised? *sigh* Anyway. It annoyed me. So I fixed it. ...sorta.

Oh, excuse me - nine minute love interest. My bad.

(Rant on Stargate and their misogyny at a later date. *headdesk*)

→ Finished Battlestar: Galactica. DAMN YOU, SHOW. Damn you for being GOOD and HEARTBREAKING and OVER. [More on this later - now time for bed. or SGA watchage. Same thing.]

→ I have this quote stuck in my head: "You guys are like Butch and Sundance peering over the edge of a cliff to the boulder-filled rapids 300 feet below, thinking you better not jump 'cause there's a chance you might drown. The President has this disease and has been lying about it, and you guys are worried that the polling might make us look bad? It's the fall that's gonna kill ya."

Any psycho-analysis as to why?

To the sea, Sherman!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] kissingdaisies!!
you are so amazing. i am constantly impressed and inspired by you. you have such a beautiful heart and soul; never change who you are. ♥

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