Dec. 9th, 2011

hihoplastic: (doctor who - r/d; picture it backwards)
Apparently I was nominated for D/R awards? I am still *headscratching* over that in and of itself, and I've always been a little o.O? on fanawards, but. I appreciate it all the same and want to give big big hugs to whoever did that! ...and then I'mma slap you. ...with love. *shifty eyes*

So, requisite attention!catching banner:

...that I may or may not have stared at for a LITTLE too long because NGH. RIVER. YOUR FACE. HOW DO YOU PERFECT.


In other news, still not dead! Working on holiday cards, so knowing me you'll get them by Februrary. If you haven't filled out the addressness yet, GO HERE! so I may send you some lurve.


Also I need to stop watching this video:

It's getting embarrassing, really. KATY PERRY, SELF? REALLY? FOR SHAME.

But on the plus side, my brilliant friend K FOUND THE LOVESTORY VID OMG. I thought it was gone from youtube forever!! BUT SHE HATH FOUND IT AND GUESS WHAT? IT IS STILL GLORIOUS. If you watch/ed SGA, you HAVE to see this. It cracks me up every damn time, omg. ([ profile] tenacious_err can attest to that.)

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