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Hi guys!

It's time for the second annual Torri Higginson Birthday Project! GET EXCITED!!

Last year's birthday project for Torri was a compilation of video submissions from all you lovely fans, and Torri adored it! This year, we're doing something a little different, but no less awesome! This year's project is a scrapbook, which will be compiled by Isa (torrealis) and Catherine ([livejournal.com profile] hihoplastic) and given to Torri at the Creation Entertainment Convention in LA in November.

As mentioned, this project is a scrapbook, so it's pretty open what you submit! Letters, cards, artwork (including photoshop, drawings, paintings, etc., anything that's 2-dimensional or can be folded into a 2-dimensional shape to fit in the scrapbook), photographs, collages, etc. will all be accepted! This is not a complete list, obviously, so if you have other ideas please let us know so we can add it here! Be creative! Your submissions can be as short or as long as you like; we aren't going to cap anything.

In an attempt to be brief, here's an pre-emptive FAQ. If we missed something, don't hesitate to ask in the comments or via email (thbirthdayproject@gmail.com)!

This looks awesome! How do I submit?
Submissions can be scanned into the computer and emailed to us (thbirthdayproject@gmail.com), or they can be snail mailed to Isa (Europe) or Catherine (USA), whichever you find more convenient. If you type a letter, for instance, you can just email it to us, but if you have a card you've made or purchased and want to send, you can mail it. If you'll be snail-mailing items, contact Isa or Catherine for additional information.

What's the deadline?
Snail-mail (post) submissions need to reach us by October 31st.
Email and electronic submissions need to reach us by November 11th

Can I submit fanfiction about roles Torri has played?
No. This is about Torri, not her characters. :)

Can I submit RPF I've written about Torri?
A world of no.

Can I submit a photo of my tattoo of Elizabeth's face?
We'd really rather you didn't.

Can I submit a marriage proposal to Torri? She's my one true love!!
Sorry, guys - Isa already beat you to it. :(

Can I include a photo of myself?
Of course! A face to go with a letter or picture would be wonderful. Just please make sure it's a PG-rated photo. ;)

I really want to write a letter, but I'm worried my English isn't very good. What do I do?
Don't worry! First of all, Torri isn't going to care if your grammar and spelling aren't perfect. It's what you say that counts. But if you like, Catherine ([livejournal.com profile] hihoplastic) is more than happy to help you edit your letter. Additionally, if you speak French, Spanish, Croatian, Arabic, Hebrew or Portuguese, we can help you translate. Email thbirthdayproject@gmail.com or hihoplastic@mail.com for any language needs! :)

Will you be reading our letters? What if I want to say something kind of personal?
Unfortunately, we will be screening submissions. We understand that some letters may be deeply personal, and we respect that. But we also want to make sure that what's presented to Torri will make her smile, not run for the showers, lol. We will not scrutinize everything given to us, just give it a cursory glance. Anything we happen to see in letters will not be mentioned anywhere else. If you want to talk to us about this, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Does my letter have to be so ~serious??
Of course not! Your submission can be anything - a silly anecdote, the good times you had watching SGA, an ode to Elizabeth's badassity, your appreciation of Torri's dolphin noises, etc.

But I want to record something!!1!
Okay! Keep your knickers on! It's not a problem. Send us a CD or DVD of your recording (speech, skit, interpretive dance routine, whatever) and we'll tuck it in the scrapbook.

If you think of anything else, ask away! Remember, the deadline is October 31st for mailed submissions, and November 11th for emailed submissions! Please email us with questions/comments/concerns/ideas/flailing/etc! thbirthdayproject@gmail.com and feel free to follow us on Twitter! Isa = torrealis / Catherine = citiesofclouds

Also remember to check out Torri's official twitter and website!

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